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ijustvalue boosts companies performance by boosting their staff wellbeing

Do you want to achieve extraordinary results?

Collaborators from companies using our solution see instantly their wellbeing take off while their level of stress strongly decreases. Self-esteem and trust are increasing, which boosts engagement and performance. Ultimately, a valued and blooming collaborator can quickly be two times more performing than if disengaged.

Why ijustvalue

Ijustvalue was born on the double conviction that instituting a culture of benevolence at work is a major lever to boost at the same time employee's wellbeing and companies performance, and that the digital technology allows to greatly ease this objective. This is why we have designed and created a fully innovative solution, very easy-to-use, aiming at giving our clients an immediate competitive advantage.

To go further

If boosting wellbeing, reducing stress, augmenting engagement and performance are strategic goals of your company, please don't hesitate to contact us: